From Jeff Puckett:


By the way, I look and I look and your windows never leak a drop.  Ever.  Yes, you can quote me AND you can have people call for a positive recommendation.  Jeff Cell 870-324-0423. I know you cost more than a lot of others out there, but I consider the hand holding, the video instructions and written instructions you gave me well worth it.  I was determined to rebuild this boat myself as “therapy” and I have never worked on a boat before.  But when it came to cost, well, here is another quote:  I am not a man of unlimited time and money,  so, I cannot afford to buy cheap stuff.  I need to buy things that will last and work well and keep working well.  The no nonsense warrantee was a refreshing change to a lot of the things I purchased for the boat only to have to purchase again and again because of poor quality.  The windows were a onetime purchase that don’t leak and were not too bad to install after I watched the video.

Jeff Puckett